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Charitable Build a bike Teambuilding

Charitable Build a bike Teambuilding

BUILD A BIKE and MILITARY CARE Team building (2 to 3 hours) are just 2 ways ACT offers to give back to the community and serve others while learning about communication, team work, leadership in a caring, charitable setting

Facilitated Interactive Teambuilding

Facilitated Interactive Teambuilding

From 2 hour to 3 day FACILITATED PROGRAMS, ACT offers over 70 original Interactive Experiential games that combine to make incredible fun and intensive learning for any size group or physical ability, All games are portable and available anywhere your are!

Systems Coaching

Systems Coaching

One on one coaching that creates incredible organizational alignment by empowering individuals and unifying the overarching direction.

Operation Military Support

Operation Military Support

Operation Military Support is an important program that will put your group through a high energy, off the charts fun, team-building activity which leads to the final achievement – a fully assembled support care package for all of our cherished military members!

What goes around, comes around

What goes around, comes around

MANAGE YOUR BUDGET: Have ACT Facilitate your training, or buy, rent or lease Interactive team building games for groups of any  sizes from 8 to 500 at our online game store.

High Energy Leadership Challenges

High Energy Leadership Challenges

Push the limits on Leadership - ACT facilitate off the charts leadership development program that includes: High Ropes, Paintball, Whitewater Rafting, Sailing Races, Obstacle courses, Inflatable Olympics, with cutting edge learning content!

Innovation Training

Innovation Training

Innovation is the lifeblood of all successful modern organizations. Innovation helps you to: do more with less, cut costs, stay competitive, increase productivity, and service. Without innovation, organizations may survive, but they seldom thrive. ACT offers cutting edge Innovation Training.

Show you care: Build a Team Teddy Bear

Show you care: Build a Team Teddy Bear

Play competitive games to obtain all the “bare”  necessities to build Team Teddy Bears, (Farm Animals and Wildlife too) as well as obtaining the stuffing, clothing and accessories, then go into creative problem solving and innovation mode, and give them all to your favorite children's charity!

Charitable Wheelchairs for Heroes

Charitable Wheelchairs for Heroes

Giving a wheelchair is an amazing gift for those with mobility needs. Giving a Wheel chair to a disabled person not only helps out all these heroes emotionally and financially but also empowers them at work too! Lets give this gift together.

  • Charitable Build a bike Teambuilding
  • Facilitated Interactive Teambuilding
  • Systems Coaching
  • Operation Military Support
  • What goes around, comes around
  • High Energy Leadership Challenges
  • Innovation Training
  • Show you care: Build a Team Teddy Bear
  • Charitable Wheelchairs for Heroes


ACT is under new ownership. Please bear with us as we rebuild our website and roll out our new program offerings. Don't worry we are keeping all of our most popular programs.



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The Benefits of ACT's Success Formula

All of ACT’s leadership, communication and teambuilding facilitated programs are interactive and experiential in nature.  At ACT, all teaching is a combination of fun and and powerful learning content. And participants are always 100% actively involved in all learning. This means big savings to you: in change management efforts and in accelerating learning. Because learning occurs more quickly and retention is always higher when you use ACT's games and learning exercises, it results in reduced training expenses.

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Charitable Build a Bike and Troop Care

ACT’s Charitable Bike Building and Troop Care Workshops (2 to 3 hours) is more that a mechanically challenging or high energy gift giving program, it is a program that touches the hearts of every participate. Each member of your team will have fun, learn, grow and help build a bike that will change the life of a child in need or let our troops overseas know how valuable they are, and renew their connection to home!



Customized Outstanding Teambuilding Programs achieve High ROI

If you ask any group what they think “team building” means, you will get many different answers. Some will say that it’s about building trust, others say getting better acquainted, but at Action Centered Training, it’s all about gaining the skills necessary to balance task and process.  This is done by developing and practicing: great two way communication, demonstrating outstanding leadership skills (and taking reasonable risks), and practicing superior strategegic planning with flawless execution. Additionally, great training offers the opportunity to practice creative problem solving, group brainstorming and innovation. The bottom line, to get the maximim return on investment, superior training and team building must always be Customized to your Organization's Overarching Learning Needs: Balancing just the right amount of Task and Process focus, as well as Learning and Fun.

Choose from the following options:

Interactive Games 

Outdoor High Energy Training

Charitable Team building

System's Thinking Games

Innovation and Improv

Train the trainer

High Performance Coaching

Call ACT now, 949 - 300 - 9622, to discuss how to achieve maximum learning goals and objectives at optimum costs!!

Key Learning outcomes/Definitions

ACT’s State of the art, Interactive, Experiential training and teambuilding programs emphasizes immediate application back at the work place!

Following are some of the learning outcomes, that can be designed into your customized training. Please review them and select those that will help your already great team and company to become even better!!

Unique Systems Thinking Games

System’s thinking is about unified synchronous efforts to balance task and process in just the right proportion, and is the foundation of all organizational alignment.  Professor Ron Roberts has invented (and patented in many cases) over 40 original games and exercises to help companies, large and small, achieve greater levels of alignment with immediate results!!

System’s Thinking is merely working in such a way that all employees maximize the performance of the entire organization through greater self awareness, balance, and team integration.

Put more simply, every attitude, word and behavior that you and your team initiate (and experience) will have a profound effect on your entire division and organization whether is is apparent right away or some time in the future!

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