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What People Are Saying About Ron Roberts

Robert Rynkiewicz, Training Manager, Merck Vaccine

Ron Roberts has worked with Merck for years with great success. Ron’s games are original, creative and effective. They really foster lasting change in our staff (at all levels) and give them much to think about.“

Commander George Connors, Retired, US Navy Nuclear Submarine

“First impression: a somewhat offbeat character with an intriguing personality and an extensive knowledge of what it takes to motivate, inspire and lead people of all demographics into discovering the importance of communications in their personal and professional worlds.  Ron's unique skills are best exhibited by the quirky games he has invented that at first seem not to have a purpose. However, as people, they pull out their best to succeed at the games -- and that success is directly transferred to their success in the work environment.”

Gena McLeary, Retired, Director, Employee Development & College Relations, Merck Pharmaceutical

“Ron sometimes has to convince us corporate types to try his innovative learning techniques but he does align the training exercises to the real work environment. This allows us to stand back and assess our effectiveness as individuals and team members back at our work sites. He provides ideas on what we could do differently to enhance our effectiveness.”

Matt Boretti, Director of Global Marketing, Vascular Access, Teleflex Medical

“Regardless of the topic, when Ron puts on his creative genius hat, he always comes up with  original, outstanding solutions that enhance our staff development, from the sales and marketing staff all the way to the executive leadership.”

Kevin Brown, Retired, Management Training, Wyeth/Pfizer Pharmaceuticals

“Professor Ron Roberts is a master at team building and people management.  He does all this with a great sense of humor which makes the learning fun and dynamic.”

Sivasailam “Thiagi” Thiagarajan, Author, Speaker, Trainer

“To put it simply, Ron Roberts is a full-blown creative genius!”

Dr. Mitch Zimmer, Professor Management, Penn State University

“Ron Roberts doesn’t just think outside the box, he got rid of the box. Ron always makes even the best and brightest think in ways you would never expect!”

Skip Pettit, President, International Training Consortium

“Professor Ron Roberts is the most creative and innovative trainer of the 100+ top-tier trainers in the International Training Consortium. His design and use of games accelerates training and heightens the learning experience like none other.”

Chuck Dickenson, Director, Special Projects/GM, Split Rock Lodge

“For almost 15 years, Ron Roberts has provided superior cutting edge training for our clients and our staff as well. We depend on Ron to come up with creative, off the charts training. He always provides an outstanding learning experience that is fun and unforgettable.”