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Systems Coaching Method

system coaching
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Systems Coaching is a one on one coaching method that helps create incredible organizational alignment by empowering individuals so that they all move in a unified direction that supports the overarching strategic objectives. This method uses a combination of individual coaching and team building techniques to achieve exponential positive change.


Team building: Team building energizes, motivates and builds morale. Team building can create an enhanced state of unity and alignment. Team building empowers broader, more other-centric, systems thinking, and thus increases efficiency. Team building is very effective at demonstrating and surfacing certain previously unseen naturally occurring patterns that have caused constraints and blockages to work flow. Team building also dramatically improves retention of learning by creating a strong emotion connected to the learning. (All of ACT’s team building games utilize this process which is formally known as Neuro-Associative Conditioning to maximize learning!)

The Dilemma: However, the most common short-coming of team building is that the valuable results often dissipate to a degree shortly after the training. Although most participants make the connection, many times it is very difficult for them to figure out how to tie the results of the team building directly back to application in the work place, and to measure ROI.


Systems Coaching Method In order to compensate for this occasional issue, ACT and Prof. Ron Roberts have developed the new cutting-edge Systems Coaching Method to complete the learning process initiated by the team building process. With over 20 years of team building and training experience, Prof. Roberts discovered that using the Systems Coaching Method, not only extends the effectiveness of the training but also embeds the process into the fabric of the organization. The results: higher levels of alignment, empowerment, and flow.

Using this coaching technique to drive the learning deeper and to connect all the dots, this method allows participants at all levels to “get it” and apply the key learning immediately, thus making positive strides while at the same time constantly improving key processes that drive change.


Benefits and Outcomes: Using the Systems Coaching Method improves:

Silo to Systems Thinking: Systems thinking means that every action that any individual take has a profound and significant impact on the overall organization at some place and time for better or worse whether it is in the current moment or sometime in the future (or in another place)  (Similar to a remote server in a computer network)

                        Helps Staff at all levels rise above Silo (Myopic, short term, inner focused) thinking/actions

                        Sensitizes Senior Management to the effects of the Spinning Gear Paradigm

Increases awareness of Systemic Controls and allows staff to take charge of the system 

Enhances Vertical and Horizontal Communication, Empowers Leadership, More effective Planning


Alignment:      Creates Unified Teams, Big Team Small Team Alignment

Aligning Executive, Director, Manager, Supervisors and Line staff (Vertical Power)

Aligning Teams and Departments on the same level across the organization (Horizontal Power)

Balancing Information, Energy and Relationships to maximize effectiveness

                        Remove blockages and constraints


Locks in Positive Cultural Change/Change Management: Changing the culture requires that you change and manage the entire system

            Allows all staff to participate in managing the culture through effective alignment and unified effort

            Practice the Art of Mental Agreement, Emotional Buy In, Physical Commitment to do whatever it takes

            Toggling between the Task and Process to be able to see things afresh and anticipate change


Innovation: Releases (and gives permission to) employees at all levels to come up with new creative innovated ideas and solutions

Allows staff to take qualified risks, get “messy” with creativity temporarily, and “fail forward” to achieve quantum break-throughs

            Empowers the use of group brain storming and “doing more with less”

            Creates quantum leaps in process improvement, and streamlined operations.


All training and coaching provided by ACT strives to empower individuals and teams in the 4 areas that improve systemic performance: systems thinking, alignment, managing culture, and innovation

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