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Custom Game Design, Development & Licensing

Custom Game Design, Development and Licensing for profit and non-profit corporations, Government agencies, schools and Universities, on ANY TOPIC.

Including but not limited to:

  • All SOP’s,
  • Any training (including technical)
  • Hard skill (i.e. Accounting, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Mathematics. Engineering, languages,etc)
  • Soft skill (i.e. Communication, team work, leadership, strategic planning, process improvement, system’s thinking, conflict negotiations, time and stress management)
  • Innovation,--creativity, group problem solving, brain storming
  • Any Safety or Security training
  • As well as almost any technical topic or subject matter or any SOP’s standard operating procedures (especially for boring or repetitive but important or mandatory  topics)

ACT is now proud to offer this highly cost effective money saving  unlimited use non-exclusive license on many custom games for the first time in our 20 year history. Call or email Professor Ron Roberts, master game inventor for more information and a quote for your custom game design or development. (Professor Roberts has written 5 books, invented or partnered in the development of over 100 big and small games in the last 20 years and holds 8 patents)

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