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Coaching and Consulting

ACT offers a variety of different individual types of coaching skills and as well as organizational consulting. Our primary goal in offering one on one coaching: to create high levels of organizational alignment one person at a time, to help leaders (and all staff) to move from silo the systems thinking, to empower innovation and creative problem solving, and help maintain and lock in positive cultural changes.

Because of the success of the Well Balanced Leader, McGraw Hill, (by Professor Ron Roberts) and the related Egolibrium Assessment, ACT has had outstanding success with our coaching and consulting practice. Here are a few of our specialty areas:

There is an old saying that says, “It is very lonely at the top.” This being said, ACT’s Leadership coaching program is designed to help managers and senior level executives from any size company to experience massive process improvement.

Based on the EQi assessment, learn how to improve you most valuable asset: People. Improve your own and others Personal Awareness and Personal Mastery as well as Social Awareness and Social Mastery.

Through a series of very gentle affirmations, visualizations and NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) exercises and techniques, Professor Roberts will attempt to systematically desensitize even the most cautious communicator to the apprehension associated with public presentations.

system coaching

Systems Coaching is a one on one coaching method that helps create incredible organizational alignment by empowering individuals so that they all move in a unified direction that supports the overarching strategic objectives.

Having owned a counseling center for 18 years, I have learned that most anger is, for the most part, only energy that needs to be properly directed. It is impossible to control anger with your will.

Managing stress has become a major area for mastery in this day and age of constant change. Managing stress includes knowing your self and taking charge of your mental, emotional and physical stress.

Public speaking is a very complex skill to master. The art of public speaking can be enhanced through expert coaching. Through observation, analysis and practice, just about anyone can refine and improve their speaking ability.

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