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Secret to ACT's Success


All of ACT’s training and teambuilding programs are Interactive and Experiential in nature. This means that at ACT, all teaching is a combination of fun and learning, and participants are always actively involved in learning. ACT’s Interactive Teambuilding seminars are a combination of indoor and outdoor exercises, games, challenges, and puzzles in a variety of contexts. We will work with you to design and customize activities that are based on your specific learning objectives. Activities and teambuilding games are designed to focus on key learning issues necessary for your personal and company growth and immediate performance improvement.

Standard Materials for Training and Teambuilding

Materials used throughout our training include but are not limited to: beach balls, hula-hoops, puzzles, loud squawking rubber chickens, talking animal toys of all types, ropes of all sizes, colored nylon string, air mattresses, inner tubes, planks, platforms, pulleys, bags, bottles, barrels, silly putty, swimming noodles, ladders, blindfolds, and human powered carts and devices of all types. In fact, by using a combination of indoor and outdoor teambuilding exercises and activities, the sky is the limit on creativity, fun and learning.

Description of Multi-Dimensional Exercises

All training and teambuilding activities are safe and low impact. All exercises are mentally challenging and designed to impact the team at several levels. First and foremost, team members often experience a moment of “process breakdown” and are forced to re-group, double their efforts, and perform a “gap analysis” between “where they are” and “where they want to be” ideally. And because it is built into the design, teams do not always succeed the first time they attempt an activity. Just as in the real working world, teams must overcome their learning curve, and when they do, there is always a great big “ah ha!” at the end of the activity, a moment of awakening!

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