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Train the Trainer

ACT's Train the Trainer program is a very powerful way to leverage your precious training dollars. When faced with providing training or team building for groups of employees that have unique needs -- due to rapid growth, size of group, managing unexpected change, or traditional high levels of turnover), you need to gain subject matter expertise quickly or just hitting the ground running, ACT’s top trainers will bring your staff up to speed through a one, two or three day COMPREHENSIVE TRAIN THE TRAINER PROGRAM which includes:

1 Purchase/License: First, license or purchase the training, exercises or games that meet your learning outcomes and time requirements. These could be in the form of an individual game, a two hour or all day training program. It could be focused on any specific standard or customized learning outcome that you are seeking to bring your staff up to speed on such as:

Team work, Communication, Leadership, Strategic planning, Execution, Process improvement, Negotiations, Time and Resource Management, Decision Making, Delegation, Systems thinking, and so on.


2 Observation/Demonstration: First you and your trainers will observe the process of training (without actually take part in a training program) so that you get the feel for the timing, hear the key words, sense the tempo and understand their best style of communication.

Participants may want to observe on multiple occasions with one or several outside clients or existing teams.


3 Participation under supervision: Allowing participants to learn through participation without full responsibility is essential to success.

Taking a first step and getting your feet wet with confidence is a very important part of any successful train the trainer. Learning by Trial and Error (from making mistakes) in a safe, controlled, friendly, supportive test group, is vitally important to gain mastery and improve performance. This step may need to be done repetitiously several times and ACT always tries to give each participant an opportunity to keep working until they get it.  


4 Live Training Experience: Practice, Repetition and Mastery: This is where the rubber meets the road. In this phase, you and your staff will lead live training exercises. 

Allowing training recipients the opportunity to apply their new skills with a live training group/team under minimal supervision is necessary for mastery and sustained success. Practice and Refinement allow participants to see how to make small changes and improvements as well as to understand how to convey their message clearly and succinctly in order to get the best training results. Most importantly, and often most difficult, is the art of debriefing these experiential exercises and accurately tying the results back to the real workplace so that participants get the value of the training and gain insight into how to make real changes in the workplace.  

Learn Goal and Objective, Creating and Organizing a Game Site, Choices, Decision Making and Strategies, Content, Information and Data, Conflict, Control and Obstacles, Consequences,
Scoring and Feedback and Closure.

This power-packed, hands on train the trainer session will combine a variety of interactive high-energy training and teambuilding activities specifically designed to help your trainers make major strides in learning about and understanding of the processes of accelerated learning and experiential interactive training through classroom games, team building exercises and even high energy outdoor activities.

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