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Two Way Communication Game

Description: The Two Way communication game is a fascinating laugh out loud basic drawing game that shows the powerful differences between one way and two way communications, and the power of feedback loops.It can be played in big and small groups and is easily adaptable to all sizes of groups. Two Way communication game has many applications including: openers, energizers and as a stand alone game. 

Objective: To gain mastery in the foundations of communication and to draw the most accurate images within the time limit.

Learning outcomes: Most communication is Task Driven but this games shows the power of Process Driven Communication. Process driven Communication helps participants understand how they communicate with each other (including the emotional climate), not just what they are doing (the task). Unlocking the power of two way communication is about giving and receiving feedback effectively. Creative Problem Solving as well as Innovation and Brainstorming are all results of great  communication  

# of Players: Up to 25 max. per group, ideal size is 8 to 16 players.  While there is no real maximum # of participants. 

Length:  20 to 40 minutes + Debrief