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The T Game - Assumption Busting Large Card Game

Description: The goal of this simple puzzle game is to get all the puzzle pieces arranged in the pattern prescribed by the facilitator. The ability to toggle as needed between Visual, Auditory and Tactile learning outcomes (either individually or as a team) can make the difference between completing the puzzles and getting bogged down in the details. Since this games changes and gets more complex each round, teams must rely on each others group problem solving strengths and to succeed in this competition. 

Objective: To complete as many puzzles as possible of the highest level of complexity within the time limit.

Learning outcomes: Teamwork, leadership, risk taking, managing your assumptions, and communications. The ability to set forth a strategic plan and based on that, change your plan in mid-stream, and adapt to change. Balancing Visual, Auditory and Tactile learning outcomes.

# of Players: 3 to 6 per game packet, no limit to # that can play at once

Time: 20 to 40 minutes