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Sustainability Challenge

This power-packed, fun teambuilding session will combine a variety of interactive high-energy teambuilding activities specifically designed to help the Environmental Sustainability Innovation Training Team make major strides in the following areas:

  • Creating a culture where innovation and high levels of orchestrated risk taking are acceptable,
  • Focus on short and long term breakthroughs in Innovation and Creatively Solving Problems, thinking on your feet and developing new solutions and processes towards long term sustainability,
  • Understanding systems thinking, individual and group brainstorming as it applies to innovation (how  each of your actions can dramatically impact the process of long term innovation within organization)
  • Encouraging Teamwork and Mutual support of a highly unified cohesive team, such that teams share best practices to improve objective or greater innovation,
  • Providing a Framework for Increased Communication, Managing assumptions and building trust in an innovative environment
  • Have lots of fun, fun, fun!!

Sample Training Day:

  • Out of the Box Innovative Thinking Game:
  • Simplified 7 Step Process of Innovation
  • Environmentally Sustainable Manufacturing Facility Building Contest
    Objective: Teams must create a Environmentally Sustainable Facility  out of available material. You must create a plan for how to build in the most sustainable manner possible (e.g., reduce materials, reduce energy, use renewables, reduce wastes, or deal with materials used can be reused within the system)
    • Group Brainstorming
    • Building commences: Starting building prototype: consultation with facilitator or other groups permissible
    • Sharing best practices - Time out to compare your creation to others in the group
    • Tweak it: Final Innovation and Improvements to your prototype
    • Demonstrate the Structure
    • Major Debriefing –Review learning outcomes + application at work.
    • Discussion: Applying the process of innovation Environmental Sustainability Objective