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Strategic Hoops

Description: Teams compete in a highly strategic competitive game of basketball using multiple sets of beach balls and 3 or more nets. This wild, out of control games is easily influenced by the environment, the way participants choose to strategize, and the degree of synchronicity of the entire team effort. This is a game of Organizational Alignment and it will quickly become apparent to what degree each group has attained this valuable and rare trait.

Objective: To get as many points as possible within the time limit by coordinating team effort.

Learning outcomes: When this game is played properly, the following learning outcomes will be a natural result: Teamwork, Leadership skills and Risk taking, high levels of Strategic Planning, the ability to execute well and control unseen variables, process improvement and systems thinking.

Number of Players: Minimum of 12 to 25 and Maximum of 40 per hoop
Length: 45 to 60 minutes