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Slide Checkers Systems Thinking Decision Making Game

Description: Slide Checkers is the ultimate highly complex free-for-all strategic checker game. No one ever knows exactly what will happen in this game as all teams must carefully watch the board at all time because every move can affect every other team instantaneously. Since no two games are ever alike and things change so rapidly that you can only tell your next move when it is your turn, adapting well to change is of the essence to succeed in this game (and in the workplace).

Participates must move checkers across board in this combination game of checkers, Chinese Checkers and Chess, using a variety of methods that require intensive strategic and tactical planning.

Objective: The innocuous goal is to get as many checkers across the board as possible within the time limit while overcoming the constant impingment and dissonance created by the other players and the surprise movement of the game board itself.

Learning outcomes: To understand the power of systems thinking, to gain balance between collaboration and competition under pressure, to make rapid strategic planning decisions considering both short term and long term goals. Intense Team integration, shared leadership and communications, managing internal vs. external competition, strategic planning and tie back to execution, and process improvement. 

# of Players: 4 to 12 participants per game, no limit on # of games
Length: 45 to 60 minutes