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Paintball Teambuilding


In one of the most unique training modalities available, you will practice teambuilding like you have never done before. You will see and experience for yourself first-hand the power of learning by direct experience.

The Facts:

Instead of lengthy classroom instructions on subjects which you may have heard numerous times before, you will learn by doing. Time and learning will be compressed and your retention will increase dramatically as you play paintball games that have been strategically designed to teach you about teamwork, communication under pressure,  leadership, strategic planning, and process improvement.

    Basic Program

    You will play a number of games that reinforce key business learning and principles. Whether you play against each other Interdepartmentally or agains the SCOUTS, this high energy Paintball Competition, with debriefing, will create lasting unforgetable learning. And everyone plays, everyone gets a chance to win and compete. You are guaranteed a great day of fun, exercise, and learning.

      Multiple Team Tournament Style

      For the event where only one winner is desired, you can play several elimination games until you have one final winner! A true combination of fun and competition.

        Scouts: Strategically Created Oppositional Undesirable Time-consuming Stuff

        The ultimate teambuilding experience for corporate employees and managers alike. The SCOUTS represent the discord and disonance that you face in your day to day work. All members of your team or company compete against our team of highly trained experts who "never miss a shot". The number of Marksman Scouts is always unknown but the odds are always highly stacked significantly in favor of the corporate team! Your job is to take control of the SCOUTS. You will need to take charge of the task of playing paintball in a chaotic setting while managing the underlying process to create order and win the game!

        Location: ACT performs Paintball team building all over the United States! Our local facilities are as follows:

        Skirmish, Jim Thorpe PA - The headquarters of a World renowned Paintball Organization

        Some of the best playing fields in the country. With over 700 acres and 44 fields, this is by far the largest paintball complex in the United States. Located in northern Pennsylvania, these fields offer some of the best paintball experiences in the world. When it comes to a day in a rustic and pristine wilderness environment, nothing can top this experience.

        Poco Loco Paintball - Schwenksville, PA

        Founded in 1992, Poco Loco is a very professionally run superior place for corporate groups to play and learn. With over 50 acres and 11 well run fields, this location is only 30 to 45 minutes from Metropolitan Philadelphia and suburbs. With unique fields like their Castle, Shanghai Villiage, Full size helicoptor, Great Escape Speed ball, this facility has numerous outdoor covered pavilions and picnic tables. It is hard to beat the superior combination of this top of the line paintball facilities with Action Centered Training's skilled trainers providing cutting edge facilitation, debriefing and feedback!.

        ACT Partners with Fields in every state:

        Our most common locations are as follows:

        • Philadelphia
        • Los Angeles
        • Las Vegas Area
        • Chicago
        • Atlanta
        • Washington DC Area
        • Dallas

        Your own location

        The entire paintball operation is completely portable subject to sufficient available acreage.

        Group Size:

        • Standard Average is 25-30 participants - Ideal for SCOUTS or Inter-team play.
        • Large Group Average is 100 and up to 200 participants - Workable with any combination of playing options
        • Minimum of 10 participants for team play.
        • Minimum of 8 participants for play against SCOUTS.
        • Largest group that ever played at once was 3000 participants at the world record games!

        Length: Always customized to your requirements

        • 3-4 hour - Conference Closer
        • 1 day - Standard Seminar
        • 2 day - Comprehensive Seminar and Paintball Combination Training