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Managing Change without Losing Your Marbles

Method: This simple but oversized team buidling game of Giant Chinese Checkers (36 ft by 36 ft) is much more complex than meets the eye. In order to win, incredible big team small team integration is required and  teams must constantly adapt based on constantly changing participants location, position and priorities. Coping with change has become an essential business skill for survival in today’s international markets. This games provides a powerful simulation and opportunity to practice this fine art.

Each team must occupy one triangle of the 36 ft. Chinese Checker Board. While following the rules of the game, each team must move as many of their players from their Home base to the opposite triangle, End base, within the time limit. Facing and overcoming the congestion and confusion in “the gray area” will be necessary in order to succeed and provides high level simulation of the real working situations. Ultimately, the only way to win is by practicing innovation, systems mastery and using all of your team’s diversity and resources.

Objective: To manage change in a fast paced, constantly fluid environment and to gain control over heretofore uncontrollable variables by identifying the major constraints (Six Sigma) and eliminating them. To achieve mastery in the area of systems thinking, to practice innovation , big team- small team integration, managing the many distractions, blockages and uncontrollable changes that occur in process mastery

Learning outcomes:  Leadership and Strategic planning, redefining team’s roles and values, managing complex processes, and outrageous communications, coordination of effort, problem solving, reliance on each other and other teams, risk taking, system’s thinking (managing an interdepedent system), identifying the major and minor constraints within a system, and high level multi-dimensional change mastery

Time: 45 to 90 minutes + Debrief

# of Participants: 16 to 36 per game, max of 3 games simultaneously