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Interactive Experiential Learning Program


This power-packed, hands on train the trainer session will combine a variety of interactive high-energy training and teambuilding activities specifically designed to help your trainers make major strides in learning about and understanding of the processes of accelerated learning and experiential interactive training through classroom games, team building exercises and even high energy outdoor activities.

This training can be used to help trainers:

  • To introduce first time users to (or to improve trainers and entire organizations ability to) use games, exercises and activities to train clients more effectively,
  • To improve trainers and entire organizations ability to use games, exercises and activities to train clients more effectively,
  • To identify work place issues or actual client training needs and translate them into workable games, exercises and activities.
  • To tie training and team building more closely to effective marketing plans and meeting planning efforts

Session Objectives:  
The overarching goal is to “jump start” your training team’s ability to improve their ability to: 

  • Experience a variety of Accelerated learning games and exercises that give a hands-on understanding of experiential and accelerated learning. These games will ideally demonstrate and assess the causes of “less than satisfactory” practices and identify solutions for improving performance in a controlled setting.
  • Gain Knowledge and Insight into the Process of Experiential Interactive Learning such that you are able to understand how to deliver Debriefing points, Learning outcomes and Focused Questions more effectively.
  • Apply lessons learned about Accelerated and Experiential Learning back in the work place or to help your trainers use this learning to train your clients.
  • Create your own Customized simulations, games or learning experiences based on the needs of your company, your organization’s marketing plan, or an actual work place need.

Length of Program:

3 day Standard training,
5 day Advanced training program,
Other customized programs of varying lengths may be negotiated on an as needed basis

Interactive Experiential Training format
There are several phases to the training in keeping with the objectives stated:

Phase I: Practice through Games/Exercises and learn how to translate these experiences into:

A. Three Major Ingredients of Design

Objective: your decision about what is to be accomplished
Method: how it is to be accomplished
Format: in what setting it is to be accomplished

B. Creating Opening Exercises

Getting and holding the attention of learners is essential to effective assimilation

C. Preparing Alternative Methods to Lecturing

Understanding a variety of methods to convey information and transfer content data without losing the interest of the learner is another important component of successful learning

D. Using Experiential Learning Approaches

Role Playing
Games and simulations
Mental Imagery and Movie Clips
Writing tasks
Action Participation

Phase II: Controlled Practice Innovative Session

In this section, the small team format is used to jumpstart innovative thinking and to help participants practice all the techniques learned previously in a safe, non-critical setting where nothing that is done is wrong, only creative and innovative.

Phase III: Create your own content/course related games/exercises/experiences 

The final segment of the training is all about customizing your content/course/curriculum so that it is highly interactive and experiential. This is done by starting with one topic and working through the entire process until you have a working practical usable game/exercise/experience that is ready for you to use in your home base classroom/learning environment.  Ideally, you will become adept enough at innovation that you will be able to create other additional interactive experiential learning exercise and games in other parts of your learning program.

Some Clients:

Kalahari Resort, Wisconsin
Teleflex Medical, Reading Pa.
National Security Agency, Washington DC