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Innovation: Creating Together

2.5 hours – 3 hours

Course Overview
Effective teams are able to work together toward a common goal and exciting and innovative ideas can be the result of successful teamwork. This workshop combines teamwork principles and innovative thinking to create a final project of your choosing.

The workshop will begin with 30-45 minutes of pair and small group exercises designed to get the group’s creative juices flowing while providing a foundation for applying improv methodology to innovation. The group will then be divided into smaller teams and assigned a project that will require them to work together as a creative team.

Project choices include creating a: Movie Trailer, Original Game, a Solution to a Company Challenge, or even a Brand-new Invention.


  • Departments or teams that work closely together and have become “stuck” in their ways of working
  • Any group that perceives itself as “not creative” (IT, Accounting, finance, no offense!)
  • Managers or supervisors who want to foster a creative group approach within their teams
  • Cross-functional teams that want to increase creativity and innovation

Topics Covered

  • Acknowledging and building on ideas in a group setting
  • Identify and use active listening as a tool to encourage innovation
  • Filtering creative ideas

After this workshop you will be able to…

  • Avoid getting stuck when innovating in group settings
  • Use effective communication approaches to improve teamwork
  • Know your team member, other department or brand-new people in an entirely different way!