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Human Checkers

Also known as One Step Forward Two Steps Back

Description: High energy "jumping" combined with lots of fun keeps this competitive game moving at maximum speed. With the purely competitive goal of wiping out the other team though traditional checker moves, this game of Three Way Checkers adds a tricky twist: the fact that each team can take multiple offensive and defensive moves on the same turn. In perhaps the most rapidly changing game of all, no one ever knows what to expect next. The only way to survive and win is to control your reactions and make spur of the minute decisions and hopefully strategically relevant moves.

Objective: Winning is not just a matter of "dumb" luck, but is a result of a well thought out strategic plan, of working as a team, of buying into the leadership and managing a system that appears out of control.

Learning outcomes: Integrated leadership, fast paced decision making, rapid fire quick proactive thinking, unified team effort, systems thinking, and global cooperation

# of Players: 16 to 24 players per set
Location: Indoor/Outdoor 
Length: 45 – 60 minutes
(Can accommodate up to 32 players)