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High and Low Ropes


Ropes Course: Anywhere in the United States

A ropes course integrates adventure, teamwork, and self coaching into one high energy activity. Ropes courses, some of which are built high in the air (High Ropers) while others are on the ground (Low Ropers), contain a series of obstacles and challenges. All obstacles require participants to work together to achieve their goals. Most elements are physically engaging, but require no special skills or conditioning. Effective performance during a ropes course requires collaborative efforts and creative thinking to overcome challenges. We provide an environment that meets all industry safety standards. Participants are in control of their participation. No one is forced to participate in any challenge they do not wish to take on but are encouraged to stretch their limits and reach new levels of personal success.

Rock Climbing and Rapelling

One area that w e take participants to the “High Rocks”, an area of Ralph Stover State Park, PA, for an exciting day of rock climbing. Available anywhere in the US, participants are challenged to take on some of the cliffs located in the park and experience the thrill of rock climbing. Action Centered Training’s Affiliates provide all of the necessary equipment and our instructors have extensive experience and training from nationally recognized companies such as NOLS ( National Outdoor Leadership School).


Spelunking (Caving)

Although available in many locations, one popular area to explore is Piper’s Cave near Carlisle, PA. This limestone cave is consistently 55-60 degrees Fahrenheit and provides an incredible adventure for any explorer. Piper’s Cave is nationally recognized by several authors of caving books. Action Centered Training’s Affiliates provide helmets for this experience. Team work is a requirement for success in this exercise.

Please wear clothing and shoes that you don't mind getting muddy and bring something that you can change into easily afterward. Coveralls work best, but are not necessary. We crawl at times (very short distances) so knee-pads are helpful, but not necessary. Helmets are provided. You may want to bring a knit cap.

Two flashlights and fresh batteries are required. The only light in the cave is what we bring into it ourselves.


Relax on a leisurely float down the Delaware River just north of Stockton, PA. Lay back in a tube or a raft or try a canoe or kayak for more excitement. Action Centered Training’s Affiliates staff provide instruction on paddling strokes and safety. We also provide all of the equipment necessary for your trip.

Sneakers/water shoes, shorts/bathing suit are suggested.