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Hero Wheels

Wheelchairs for Heroes

Giving a wheelchair is an amazing gift for those with mobility needs.  Whether it is a result of some catastrophic accidental loss, ongoing restrictions due to disease, or just being born with a disability, there is no greater gift than to be there for an adult or child in rehab, an elderly person living at home, or one of our honored Veterans during their time of recovery. Giving a Wheel chair to a disabled person not only helps out all these heroes emotionally and financially but it also assists their family and even their fellow work colleagues.  But the greatest beneficiary is each of you, the contributors, who will discover greater a value in your own lives because of your selfless giving! 

This form of Charitable team building, as do all of our training programs, requires completing and competing in several fun, high energy games or puzzles in order to accumulate the money and parts necessary to assemble and conduct safety testing for all wheelchairs to be donated. Furthermore, you will be required to decorate all wheelchairs based on the specific needs of the recipient. And that’s not all, if you want to take it a step futher, you can add a backpack filled with goodies and all kinds of personal care supplies for each person who receives this mobility aid.

The overarching goal of ACT’s Charitable team building: giving wheelchairs to deserving disabled Americans who are unable to afford the proper form of mobility assistance. You will not only build amazing relationships with your own team, and build your corporations image for giving back to the community but you will have to hold back your own emotions when you see firsthand the value you are providing.

You and your team will need to demonstrate great communication, team work, leadership and superior strategic planning as well as a little mechanical skill to complete this off-the-charts charitable Wheelchair team building.