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Habitat for Humanity: Building homes, furniture and more!

Habitat for Humanity: Building homes, furniture and more!

Since the mid 70’s, Habitat for Humanity has helped hundreds of thousands of families to build safe and affordable houses and shelters in times of extreme need and often in the face of total devastation. Habitat homeowners, friends, family and even complete strangers often invest their time, labor and money in building homes  (and in the near future, repairing and fixing up existing homes.)

If you and your team or companies are able to give a block of your valuable time and effort to this unforgettable heart-rending experience of building, adding on or painting a small section of a newly built home, then be of good cheer, there is definitely a job for every one of you regardless of your skills! All that is required is a willing heart and your best effort.

And remember, even if time is limited, you can help out right in your office or meeting facility by putting together a variety of home supplies including: shelving, end tables, bureaus, and assembling a variety of other furniture and small appliances to be donated.  And if you wish, you can help by donating to or organizing and cleaning right at the local RESTORE low cost-materials store. You may even give by purchasing and donating general house warming gifts,  the ones that turns a house into a home.

The down-to-earth activity requires teams to use strategic planning, time management, communication and collaboration to complete their goals and objectives in a timely manner while earning the most money.