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Flip'em Project Management Board Game

Description: This 3D Tic-Tac-Toe Project Management Strategy Board Game starts out with a very simple task of playing a 3D version of Tic-Tac-Toe and adding layers of complexity. Suddenly when you least expect it, this simple fun game takes off with rocket power and transforms info an increasingly complex systems thinking matrix-driven task that will stump even the highest level management and executives.

Each of 4 small teams vie for superiority in this competitive, high spirited game of 3 D Tic – Tac – Toe. Participants are required to perform one of four moves on their turn (put a chip down, move a chip, cover a chip or flip the entire pile), in order to be the first to get the top 3 chips in a row. This seemingly simple task can be a daunting responsibility when the interaction gets going at full force. Even your teams best laid plans may go up in smoke with a single move from another team. 

Objective: To gain balance in knowing when to go on the defensive or offensive in management tasks, to develop dexterity in choosing to defend self or go after others, to learn about synchronizing your strategies, to gain mastery over task and process orientation in management. To learn to scan the entire system before making a move, in order to learn to gain control of your own internal reactions and this becoming more objective.

Learning Outcomes: Proactive systems thinking, strategic planning, managing complex tasks, communication, teamwork, leadership, managing temporary alliances, balancing left and right brain activity. Balancing defensive and offensive strategies, discovering the balance of  focusing on self or others, seeing the effects of your actions in a larger systems perspective, seeing the interdependence of an organization, the power of planning and execution under pressure, self and social awareness.

# of Players: 3 to 8 players per set, no limit to # of sets
Length: 45 - 60 minutes

© 2005 ACT Games, LLC  Ron Roberts