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Blindfold Matrix Maze

Method: Sighted Managers must coach and anticipate the needs of the Blindfold Maze Walkers (BMW's) to get as many through the maze as quickly as possible within the time limit. Teams must decide on the ratio of Sighted Managers to BMW's and this strategic choice can make all the difference between winning and losing. Working as a synchronized team to manage a complex matrix driven task will require great communication and just the right amount of risk taking.

Objectives: To use strategic planning to maximize performance while controlling as many variables as possible. To synchronize small teams with the big team over-arching objectives. To coordinate efforts so that your own team members do not become your "worst enemy." Speed, agility, and control must all have equal value to be successful.

Learning Outcomes: Trust building, assessing interdependency, major communication (two way, horizontal), teamwork and team synchronization, creative problem solving, shared leadership and strategic planning and execution. 

Blindfold Maze is an exciting game that teaches about Trust. Trust and team effort are more important than ever in the workplace because today managers and staff must often make decisions without enough information.

# of Players: 8 to 40 players per set, no maximum size
Location: Indoor/Outdoor
Length: 45 – 60 minutes