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Bike Building Workshop

ACT’s Charitable Team  Bike Building  Workshop is more that a mechanically challenging fun program, it is a program that touches the heart of all those that participate. Each member of your team will help build a bike that will change the life of a child. This bicycle building experience will touch your hearts and inspire your minds. It is filled with fun and excitement, as well as skills, tools and experiences that will make a dramatic & powerful impact on your team and overall organization.

Program Length: 2 to 4 hours

Program Size: 8 to 800

Location available: Anywhere, totally portable

Creativity Required

After an initial opening ceremony, briefing and orientation, your team will participate in a series of custom problem-solving activities during which you will learn and practice powerful new skills.

In this workshop, teams of equal size will attempt to solve puzzles, decipher secret codes, perform hysterical simple activities, and use their limited “bike dollars” to negotiate, buy and access all the key parts and custom tools that each team will need to complete the task at hand: building lots of high quality bicycles for young children that will really appreciate them.

A Surprise Ending

Through our long term relationship with a number of nationwide organizations such as local Community Centers, Boys and Girls Clubs as well as numerous religious institutions all over the United States, your team will actually have a chance to donate these bikes directly to the deeply appreciative and often underprivileged children at the end of the program. Imagine the feeling of exhilaration and excitement that these young children will have when, for many of them, they receive their first brand new shiny bike.

But SHHHH! IT’S A SECRET, neither your team members nor the children are aware that you are about to share an extraordinary experience together (so please, DO NOT TELL YOUR TEAM about the donation of the bikes to the kids before your event).

Some Learning Outcomes

And just as all the moving parts of a bicycle are interdependent, you team will have to be fully functioning to meet this challenge which requires quick thinking, team work and creative problem solving in order to work faster and succeed at this task based on human kindness and giving.

Some of the learning outcomes that can be expected are as follows:

  • Teamwork
  • Communication
  • Leadership and Risk Taking
  • Creative Problem-solving and Innovation
  • Identifying and utilizing strengths of its members
  • Realize that interdependence of all organizations and the power of unified teams
  • And have tons of fun in the process.

In our longer program, you will even have the option to create a real 60-second commercial, community announcement or newscast to tell the community about your good  work

Extraordinary take-aways

Remember if you want go beyond the ordinary, ACT’s Charitable Team Bike Building event takes a standard fun 'team building event or activity' to a very high, extraordinary level that few  have ever experienced: Giving your employees the gift of  bringing incredible joy to others while learning about team dynamics.

Through ACT’s Charitable Team Bike Building Workshop, your team will have a greater opportunity to learn about themselves, their group and their organization’s true values. Not only that but your team will also gain a stronger feeling of team connection and more powerful motivation to achieve personal and team goals. Once your team members feel that vitally important sense of mutual commitment and common connection, they will automatically translate this new energy into improved communication, as well as greater performance and productivity.