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Bears for Babes

Show you care: Build an Innovative Creative Team Teddy Bear

After your small team participates in a series of initial competitive games to obtain all the “bare”  necessities and parts needed to build several Team Teddy Bears, Dogs, Cats, Farm Animals, Wildlife, Safari, and many others: various animal shells, stuffing, clothing and accessories, you will need to go into creative problem solving and innovation mode to succeed!

The winner in this game is the one with the most creative Team Teddy Bear (or other animal) story, setting and back drop. And you can purchase everything you need (including raw materials) to give you the cutting innovative edge: popsicle sticks, cardboard, felt, paper clips, boxes, various cloth materials and colors, etc) to create outrageous shelters, hysterical props, funky clothing, and unlimited special “bear” effects!

Even more importantly, each dramatic “bear skit” presentation must also relate to and spell out/demonstrate at least one aspect of your team’s (or organization’s) key operational principles or an overarching strategic planning objectives!

And here is the big secret: a large part of your score will be based on your creativity, as well as the clarity and effectiveness of the communication with which you portray the underlying message of your multi-dimensional presentation, including giving voice to and role playing each of your bears/animals in their corporate setting!! (And yes you may pick animals that portray your colleagues true personalities if you wish!!)

And once you are done with your soft cuddley bears and animals, we will present them individually to one of several significant charitable organizations: hospitals (pediatric unit), schools, police, fire departments and local ambulance companies. There is no greater joy than to know that these cheerful, uplifting bears will ultimately be given to children at their point of greatest need (especially during times of stress, upheaval or crisis).   

ACT will make arrangements to give these lovable bears and animals directly to representatives from the charitable recipient organization. These representatives always enjoy sharing their appreciation and their wonderful stories of how other similar gifts have been used to help the precious children they serve!

Upon request, we can make sure that these gifts are sent to areas with special needs such as New Jersey, Connecticut and Oklahoma where there have been significant catastrophic events!