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Charitable Teambuilding

Here is list of the charitable teambuilding events.

ACT’s Charitable Team Bike Building Workshop is more that a mechanically challenging fun program, it is a program that touches the heart of all those that participate. Each member of your team will help build a bike that will change the life of a child. This bicycle building experience is filled with fun and excitement, as well as skills, tools and experiences that will make a dramatic & powerful impact on your team and overall organization.

Backpacks for Kids: Be cool, help kids in school

This practical team building event gives children their favorite back to school gift: a brand new large themed back pack (All are fit to their age group). And you will have the opportunity to fill this backpack with every school supply that kids love: ring bound notebooks, pens, pencils, erasers scratch pads, small games, puzzles, and a variety of their favorite pre-wrapped snacks!

Show you care: Build an Innovative Creative Team Teddy Bear

After your small team participates in a series of initial competitive games to obtain all the “bare” necessities and parts needed to build several Team Teddy Bears, Dogs, Cats, Farm Animals, Wildlife, Safari, and many others: various shells, stuffing, clothing and accessories of every kind, you will need to go into creative problem solving and innovation mode to succeed!

Community Care Packages

Bringing joy to children of all ages is one of the greatest joys most adults will ever experience. This charitable team building program gives back to many needy children right in your home community!

Habitat for Humanity: Building homes, furniture and more!

If you and your team or companies are able to give a block of your valuable time and effort to this unforgettable heart-rending experience of building, adding on or painting a small section of a newly built home, then be of good cheer, there is definitely a job for every one of you regardless of your skills! All that is required is a willing heart and your best effort.

Wheelchairs for Heroes

Giving a wheelchair is an amazing gift for those with mobility needs. There is no greater gift than to be there for an adult or child in rehab, an elderly person living at home, or one of our honored Veterans during their time of recovery.

Operation Military Support is an important program that will put your group through a high energy, off the charts fun, team-building activity which leads to the final achievement – a fully assembled support care package for all of our cherished military members!

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