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Mid-West Operations

Serving: Chicago, Michigan, Indiana, Iowa, Minnesota, and Wisconsin

Specialized Services for this Mid-West Center include:

The Honorable Mayor Daley supports games!

In the summer of 2007, the theme for the entire city of Chicago was “The Art of Play.”

In a city wide effort, at Mayor Daley’s prompting, the Office of Tourism and Mary Couzin, our Mid-West coordinator, expended a tremendous amount of time and money putting on hundreds of performances and game based events servicing thousands of people and demonstrating the power of games. 

In our partnership with Mary Couzin (Founder of the famous Chicago Toy and Game Fair & Discover Games), we have been fortunate to be exposed to hundreds of new game ideas that allow us at ACT to constantly innovate to bring you, our valued customers, new and original training materials.

Improv, Innovation and Creativity in Chicago and the entire US
Through our partnerships with several “innovation and creativity experts” (and the world renowned “Second City Improv”), ACT now offers cutting edge training that combines off the charts fun with easily retained learning.   

High Energy Experiential Interactive Games
Over 40 different, indoor/outdoor, mild physical/high level mental challenge Interactive game and team building activities are available for your organization for groups of 5 to 500. 

Treasure Hunts/ Scavenger Hunts/Orienteering (Indoor and Outdoor)
Numerous preset treasure hunts are available throughout the entire Mid-West Region

  • Utilizing our most advanced and challenging techniques
  • Strategic Orienteering using maps and compasses
  • SEGWAY and GPS (Global Positioning Systems)

Murder Mysteries of all types Ranging from 1 to 3 hours, murder mysteries of all types are available by many of our highly professional acting troops. 

Energize your Classroom Training Mix and match and add a variety of short, topic  related, out of the box, big and small interactive games throughout your classroom training to spice it up, wake attendees out of the doldrums, and improve assimilation and retention of any and all learning regardless of the field of endeavor or level with the organization including: management, sales, customer service, research, etc. Whether it is just a routine SOP’s, complex scientific materials, lengthy or dry lectures, and any form of instruction where language is an issue, the sooner that your learners actually grasp and retain the materials, the faster they will hit the ground running and start becoming profitable for the organization.