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The Power of Corporate Culture

Corporate Culture is the combination of rituals, ceremonies, expected norms and behaviors that often become the “standard” at many companies. Corporate Culture drives many of our interactions and transactions, helps us out in maintaining the “status quo” by keeping everything in equilibrium, and often limits our ability to react to change as quickly as we need to.

High Performance Leadership Coaching

There is an old saying that says, “It is very lonely at the top.” This being said, ACT’s Leadership coaching program is designed to help managers and senior level executives from any size company to experience massive process improvement. We do this by providing high level one on one feedback that accomplishes the following:

Improving your Emotional Quotient

Based on the EQi assessment, learn how to improve you most valuable asset: People. Improve your own and others Personal Awareness and Personal Mastery as well as Social Awareness and Social Mastery.

Whether you are in management or the executive level, sales or customer service, understanding your self and your impact on others will help to improve your “soft skills” (communication, teamwork, leadership, strategic planning) and allow you to improve your overall performance and the “hard skills” that drive your organization.

Overcoming Communication Apprehension

Through a series of very gentle affirmations, visualizations and NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) exercises and techniques, Professor Roberts will attempt to systematically desensitize even the most cautious communicator to the apprehension associated with public presentations.

Who should attend?
Individual Coaching and Small Groups, most often 1 on 1

Systems Coaching Method

system coaching

Systems Coaching is a one on one coaching method that helps create incredible organizational alignment by empowering individuals so that they all move in a unified direction that supports the overarching strategic objectives. This method uses a combination of individual coaching and team building techniques to achieve exponential positive change.


The Egolibirum Organizational Assessment

The Egolibrium Organizational Assessment measures your performance on all 9 of the Egolibrium behavior pairs including but not limited to: Non-judgmental, Non-defensive, Relinquishing control, Openness to learning, Doing the right thing, Patience, Letting go and Acceptance.