Innovating at the Speed of Business

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Mastering your Inner Genius: Reinventing yourself and your business:

This power packed experiential presentation assists the audience in gaining mastery of the process of reinventing themselves and their work so that they are able to begin Innovating at the speed of business. Using the "Simplified Seven step Model of Innovation" (from Professor Roberts book, Junkyard Games HRDQ Press), Professor Roberts guides you through a simple process of getting in touch with your Inner Genius so that you can take charge over your destiny, and your business no matter what field of endeavor. Because innovation is the life blood of business, this interactive presentation enables participants to experience and practice multiple techniques and tactics necessary to take the first step towards staying ahead of the accelerating pace of change in your life and your work.Through the power of Professor Roberts’ Innovative techniques, you can begin to accomplish all the dreams that you never thought possible.

Take-aways: This motivational speech on innovation is designed to give you a glimpse of ways to shatter all previous records, smash down boundaries, demolish all the boxes of the mind, and fracture the foundations of formality that you previously thought were unchangeable. This presentation will allow you to give yourself permission to “reframe and see” everything in a different light. Learn how to use the power of brainstorming as well as the diversity of talent that you already have in your organization so that you and your company may profit and proper.