High Performance Leadership Coaching

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There is an old saying that says, “It is very lonely at the top.” This being said, ACT’s Leadership coaching program is designed to help managers and senior level executives from any size company to experience massive process improvement. We do this by providing high level one on one feedback that accomplishes the following:

  1. Expand your horizons through breakthrough thinking techniques and Paradigm Shifts
  2. Create clear concise gap analyses between where you are at and where you want to be
  3. Consciously balance between egocentric and other centric decision making and planning, understanding their effects on the larger organization.
  4. Experience greater objectivity and detachment with focus on both long term and short term strategy.
  5. Help you zoom out to 30,000 ft. in order to see the big picture with the purpose of implementing systems thinking
  6. Provides confidential emotional support for the difficult, unpopular choices that leaders must make. 

Who should attend?

Senior Management, Middle Managers, Supervisors, Team Leaders: coaching on a one on one basis and small group only via phone or in person

Weekly or on an as needed basis