Facilitation and Custom Programs

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Professor Roberts is an expert at making meetings more engaging and meaningful. By identifying the key learning points and desired objectives and outcomes, Ron is able to use creative and innovative techniques and processes to transform any meeting or presentation from the ordinary to the extraordinary.  As a skilled trainer and meeting facilitator, the Professor is able to transform and energize to the max, any task based transfer of information, including but limited to: traditional lectures, standard operating procedures, sales objectives, rewards ceremonies, abstract concepts, and even the most dry, repetitious material by adding exercises, activities, games, interactive experiences, audience participation, and many mental thought experiments. By making every communication Interactive (so that every participant is 100% involved) and Experiential (so that everyone personally engages in and touches the experience), Professor Roberts can guarantee increased learning, retention and assimilation. 

Examples include: any team event, meeting facilitation, board meetings, annual retreats, ¬†conferences, conventions ‚Äď anywhere people convene to transfer information and knowledge.