Experiential Learning: The Difference Between Teaching and Facilitating

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Teaching and Facilitating are both very complex professions that require enormous amounts of preparation in order to do a good job in the classroom. There is an old saying that all facilitators can be teachers but not all teachers can be facilitators. Teachers convey knowledge and give information to their students (no matter how old the student, the principles of learning are always the same.) Facilitators provide knowledge but also help the students to learn by understanding the processes behind the knowledge and the facts. Facilitators teach by leading, showing the way, and using experiential techniques to bring alive the teaching. The student must be more actively involved and aggressive to get the full lesson.

In this course, you will learn not only how to be a great facilitator of learning, but how to ask for necessary feedback from students to create the two way communication necessary for true facilitation. In order to have maximum impact on your students and keep their attention throughout your entire facilitative experiential learning experience, you will not only have to carefully select your topics and tasks, but also pay incredible attention to process by which you attain your results.