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The Egolibirum Organizational Assessment

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Egolibrium‚ĄĘ Organizational Assessment (HRDQ 2011)
By Professor Ron Roberts, with contributions by Dr. David Bender

The Egolibrium Organizational Assessment measures your performance on all 9 of the Egolibrium behavior pairs. While the shorter test in the book gives you a sense of where you are, the full, fifty-question version allows you to assess yourself and track your development in much more detail.

Thousands of individuals and teams have used this innovative assessment to improve communication, teamwork, leadership, risk taking, motivation, conflict resolution, strategic planning, process improvement, and even cultural change. When used properly throughout the larger team, it often reveals subtle, even hidden, organizational cultural patterns.

It’s particularly useful for individuals or teams in transition, because it allows users to measure improvement over time by testing before and after change management or other training efforts have been applied.

The Egolibrium Organizational Assessment can be taken via paper and pencil or online. Results can be given in a simple one page graph (a snapshot) of your score on the 9 behaviors or a graph with a seven to ten page narrative description which includes: where you scored (high, moderate or low resonance) and suggestions for improvement.

Who can use this assessment? Any employee in any corporate for-profit or non-profit, government or educational institution will benefit from taking and applying the Egolibrium Organizational Assessment to gain greater task and process mastery!

Coming soon:

  • Participant's Guide: Egolibrium Organizational Assessment
  • Facilitator's Guide: Egolibrium Organizational Assessment