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Tantrix: Two Dimensional Logic Tile Game

In this game of logic, teams attempt to put tiles together to form certain predetermined patterns. As each round progresses, an additional tile is added. Although the first few puzzles are simple, the game becomes exponentially more difficult very quickly. The ability to see many possibilities and focused teamwork are necessary to finish first in this unique competition.

Team Cuisine

Recipe for Success is an innovative organization specializing in team building and corporate training, utilizing the Culinary Arts.We help the world's leading companies improve communication, performance, increase sales and build brands by creating events, environments and interactive experiences with the power to engage, educate, entertain and even transform.

The Distraction Game

Life in the corporate world is filled with constant distractions of all types. How we manage these distractions and where we place our focus greatly affect our productivity. How effectively we interact with our teams also profoundly alters one’s style of managing distractions.

The T Game - Assumption Busting Large Card Game

The goal of this simple 10 piece puzzle game is to get all the puzzle pieces arranged in the pattern prescribed by the facilitator. Since this games changes and gets more complex each round, teams must rely on each others group problem solving strengths to succeed in this competition.

Three Way Human Checkers

High energy "jumping" combined with lots of fun keeps this competitive game moving at maximum speed. With the purely competitive goal of wiping out the other team though traditional checker moves, this game of Three Way Checkers adds a tricky twist: the fact that each team can take multiple offensive and defensive moves on the same turn. In perhaps the most rapidly changing game of all, no one ever knows what to expect next. The only way to survive and win is to control your reactions and make spur of the minute decisions and hopefully strategically relevant moves.

Topically Focused Teambuilding

Experiential training and accelerated learning techniques for teachers, staff, principals, schools boards and parents in any of the following areas:   

Toys and Games for Girls and Boys

Toys and Games for Girls and Boys

Bringing joy to children of all ages is one of the greatest joys most adults will ever experience. This charitable team building program gives back to many needy children right in your home community!

Treasure Hunt

Action Centered Training is now offering an exciting new activity, the Treasure Hunt for teambuilding conferences that fosters group effectiveness in a unique way. Based on the Scandinavian and new Olympic sport of Orienteering where individuals use a detailed map to find flags on the forest, the Treasure Hunt uses a custom-made map of the Conference Center, Corporate Headquarters, Private Resort, School or University (either indoors and outdoors) that leads teams to trivia questions, riddles and group adventures.

Two Way Communication Game

The Two Way communication game creates clear, concise and compelling communication. This fascinating laugh out loud basic drawing game that shows the powerful differences between one way and two way communications.

What Goes Around, Comes Around

Enhance process improvement and leadership. Promote risk taking and careful proactive planning. While having FUN!

In this small chunk incremental process improvement game, teams must simply pass a beach ball from one group to the next without “dropping the ball.” Dropping the ball has dire consequences in this game just as in the work place. The simple tasks requires absolute focus and tactical execution to succeed. Each team must manage their own circle of problems as well as look outside of their immediate environment to find best practice solutions. Nothing short of extreme strategic planning and outrageous communication will permit participants to achieve the desired results.

Wheelchairs for Heroes

Wheelchairs for Heroes

Giving a wheelchair is an amazing gift for those with mobility needs. There is no greater gift than to be there for an adult or child in rehab, an elderly person living at home, or one of our honored Veterans during their time of recovery.

Whitewater Rope Rescue

In just 8 hours of power packed fun and learning on the Lehigh River, located in the beautiful Pocono Mountains of Pennsylvania, you will live through a real life teambuilding experience that will drive home many lessons about Strategic Planning and Problem Solving.

Who What Where: Strategic Picture Drawing Game

This light, fun, competitive game will make you laugh out loud and get the juices flowing as teams compete to guess the drawings that are passed around the table. Don’t worry if you are terrible at art because the worst off you are at drawing the funnier the game is; in fact it is hysterical because most people are in the same boat artistically.

You're on the Ball

In this high-energy, fast paced game, everyone has to be "on the ball" literally in order to win. As teams race against each other, some may occasionally fall off the ball, but everyone can succeed in accomplishing their goal as long as each team member "carries their own weight."