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Innovation through Improv Workshops

Strategic and analytical skills are important, but your success often hinges on your ability to connect with others, solve unexpected problems in the moment, and create better ways of working. Improvisational skills are vital in business, especially in the age of virtual teams and lightning fast change. Unlike many forms of corporate learning, improvisation is fun, completely interactive and relevant to all levels of management.

Interactive Experiential Learning Program

This power-packed, hands on train the trainer session will combine a variety of interactive high-energy training and teambuilding activities specifically designed to help your trainers make major strides in learning about and understanding of the processes of accelerated learning and experiential interactive training through classroom games, team building exercises and even high energy outdoor activities.

Invisible Maze

This simple game of traversing an invisible maze seems innocuous and easy but don’t be deceived. Even though each phase builds on the last one, there is no easy solution but effective planning makes the game go much easier.

Island Bridge Building

In order to visit all the islands in the time allotted in this extremely mentally challenging game, strong clearly defined leadership and powerful follower-ship must be implemented. Bridging the communication gap between team members seems almost impossible unless teams learn quickly how to manage their limited time and resources. In fact, getting from one island to the next can be a futile process closely resembling the corporate world unless there is a clear synchronicity of effort.

Management/Organizational Courses

Customer Service Objectives, Conflict Management Skills, Building High-Performance Work Teams, Mentoring for Staff Development, Organizational Enhancement, and much more.

Managing Change without Losing Your Marbles

This simple but fun oversized team buidling game of Giant Chinese Checkers is much more complex than meets the eye. In order to win, incredible big team integration is required and teams must constantly adapt based on constantly changing participants location, position and priorities.

Market Domination

Brute aggression is not only way to achieve “Market Domination.” This extremely fast paced game is nothing short of a “shot of adrenaline.” In order to sustain when winning in the arena of sales and marketing, tough decisions about balancing between strategic planning and tactical action must be made as a team in order to assure and maintain victory.

Nascar Racing

ACT has partnered with "StockCar Racing Experience" to bring your team some of the most adrenaline pumping corporate training available. ACT has taken the best that NASCAR has to offer: a 2.5 mile Super Speedway (Pocono Raceway) , NEXTEL Cup Style Stock Cars, a friendly, professional crew and put them all together to give you the experience of a lifetime. This unique training program combines the thrilling opportunity to get behind the wheel of a Stock Car racing vehicle on an enormous 2.5 mile Tri-Oval super speedway with clear learning about team work, communication, leadership, and process improvement.

Operation Military Support

Operation Military Support is an important program that will put your group through a high energy, off the charts fun, team-building activity which leads to the final achievement – a fully assembled support care package for all of our cherished military members!

Orienteering - Basic

Only by working in small teams will it be possible to master this smaller area of wooded fields and make contact with all the required control points. Using a map and compass, teams will practice basic orienteering in our introductory orienteering area. With a set time limit, the competition heats up as both teams gain expertise, speed and ability.

Orienteering Scavenger Hunt

Participants must follow clues, find landmarks and proceed to certain geographic coordinates using a compass and map to find the hidden “treasure.” (There is a real treasure chest with real “booty” in it). Team effort and almost virtual communication is necessary to integrate the new information necessary and find the “parts that make the whole.”

Orienteering, and Obstacle Course

Building on skills from the first session, participants will attempt to gain mastery over a much larger orienteering field that just so happens to be filled with occasional significant obstacles that are unavoidable. Some of these obstacles are man-made and some occur naturally in nature. Either way the use of and accuracy of compass readings becomes very significant over longer distances, and requires greater team effort.

Out of Control Card Game

In this wild card game of double strategy, players are at the mercy of the special dice and luck of the draw. While trying to achieve the simple task of arranging 10 number cards of any color in ascending order, players must overcome and deal with the impingement of other teams while trying to maintain and execute their own objectives.

Paintball Teambuilding

In one of the most unique training modalities available, you will practice teambuilding like you have never done before. You will see and experience for yourself first-hand the power of learning by direct experience.

Parenting Workshops

ACT offers a Family Systems approach to Parenting workshops. Being an effective parent is very rewarding however it is also extremely challenging to stay on top of the game.

Pass the Ball and Pass the Buck

In this simple, fun highly competitive game participants will be divided into multiple teams standing parallel to each other on a 100-foot long court. Each team will be given a ball with the goal of getting the ball down to the end of the court in the fastest time possible. As the level of complexity increases, the fun turns into serious game that requires real concentration. what starts out as a simple linear sequential activity soon becomes a powerful learning experience about shared leadership and task management.

Pass the Chicken

The chaos that consumes every player in this crazy, big chunk process improvement chicken passing game (plastic or stuffed, no livestock involved) closely resembles the real life work place. This chaos is inescapable until all teams synchronize and work in unity. Process breakdown is inevitable in the workplace but as teams use their creativity, all problem can be overcome, even the presence of loud squawking chickens and other zany animals. A hysterical game that drives home Big team – small team integration in is simplest form.

Pegged – The Strategic Planning Systems Thinking Game

Pegged is the most powerful game for learning strategic based system's thinking that I have ever invented. Pegged is at one and the same time, one of our simplest games to learn but one of the most complex games to master. Each team gets its own peg board and must try to complete various predetermined patterns to earn points. This innocuous game is much trickier than it looks at first glance because each team has free will to make choices that affect their own performance and the performance of other teams as well just as in the real day to day workings of the organization.

Picture + This Perceptual Game

This hilarious, mind-numbing perceptual picture-word puzzle game will have your entire team rolling in non-stop laughter. Four sets of 24 Computer projected puzzles (People, Places, Clichés, and Entertainment) will pump up any team in just a matter of minutes. Picture words that seem too difficult to guess initially will appear so easy and simple once you know the answer that you be completely shocked that you couldn’t get it. This game of Multiple Intelligences will have everyone sitting on the edge of their chair in anticipation of the next move.

Process Improvement Training

To understand and develop the best and most efficient processes for improving performance in any area that there is a specific need: management, marketing, customer service, sales, production, manufacturing, etc.

Project Management and Quality Courses

Making Order Out Of Chaos, Managing Multiple Priorities: Multi-Tasking Skills, PMP Exam Prep, Earned Value Project Management, Risk Management

Sailboat and Regatta Racing

You're getting only the best experience possible when you let ACT and its Regatta Racing expert affiliates manage your next corporate event! Our ACT affiliates Regatta Racing team is highly trained and motivated and will use their skills as current racing champions to make your event extraordinary. Let ACT help your corporate team to achieve new higher levels of potential and more effective methods of working together. We can help to build and strengthen relationships with important clients, and give incentives to valuable staff.

Shooting for Success

This game will energize the team so much that they will want to “paint the town” after they paint each other. Wearing water-resistant “Tyvek” coveralls, masks, gloves, and shoe covers, this indoor/outdoor game is guaranteed to get the team all “fired” up.

Show you care: Build an Innovative Team Teddy Bear (and other animals too)

Show you care: Build an Innovative Creative Team Teddy Bear

After your small team participates in a series of initial competitive games to obtain all the “bare” necessities and parts needed to build several Team Teddy Bears, Dogs, Cats, Farm Animals, Wildlife, Safari, and many others: various shells, stuffing, clothing and accessories of every kind, you will need to go into creative problem solving and innovation mode to succeed!

Silo Treatment

A silo (tall plastic drum) is riddled with holes. The team’s assignment is to fill the silo to overflowing using large buckets of water. Decisions must be made regarding resources utilization, personnel issues, trade-offs, and other challenges.

Slide Checkers Systems Thinking Decision Making Game

Slide Checkers is the ultimate highly complex free-for-all strategic checker game. No one ever knows exactly what will happen in this game as all teams must carefully watch the other players and the board at all time because every move can affect every other team instantaneously. Since no two games are ever alike and things change so rapidly that you can only tell your next move when it is your turn, adapting well to change is of the essence to succeed in this game (and in the workplace).

Strategic Biking and Hiking Information Gathering

In order to orchestrate the gathering of necessary information from "out in the field" by those that have never been out in the field, it is necessary for the middle managers (bicyclists and the hikers) to use all the new skills that the teams have gained thus far. The middle managers can only succeed by coordinating their work with the strategic headquarters/executive offices.

Strategic Hoops

Teams compete in a highly strategic competitive game of basketball using multiple sets of beach balls and 3 or more nets. This wild, out of control games is easily influenced by the environment, the way participants choose to strategize, and the degree of synchronicity of the entire team effort. This is a game of Organizational Alignment and it will quickly become apparent to what degree each group has attained this valuable and rare trait.

Student Support Processes

This proactive process involves teachers, administrators and parents from the onset of an academic, behavioral or social concern with a student.

Surveillance Teambuilding

A brand new 007 corporate style team building and security training program is finally available in the United States and Canada. In a new partnership between Action Centered Training Inc. and Task Services of London/UK, ACT is bringing the first ever Covert Mission Surveillance Team Building which allows team members to participate in a unique true Bond-like experience.