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ACT’s Partnership with Janet Holmes and Associates

Janet Holmes has been a public school teach and consultant for over 35 years. Ms. Holmes has not only taught elementary and middle school but also been a family based consultant for  students with adjustment issues throughout the yeas. Janet has taught hundreds of Graduate School classes, done school related and corporate team building and topical training, and is an overall expert in her field.

It has been our pleasure to partner with Janet and her many talented colleagues and staff that she brings with her in this endeavor.

Training, Workshops and In-service Experiences:

Even School Administration needs to have custom training from time to time during their annual retreats.

Differentiated Instruction helps teachers adapt how and what they teach and how students demonstrate what they have learned based on readiness levels, interests and learning styles so that the students experience maximum assimilation and retention.

ACT offers a Family Systems approach to Parenting workshops. Being an effective parent is very rewarding however it is also extremely challenging to stay on top of the game.

This proactive process involves teachers, administrators and parents from the onset of an academic, behavioral or social concern with a student.

Experiential training and accelerated learning techniques for teachers, staff, principals, schools boards and parents in any of the following areas:   

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