Whitewater Rope Rescue


In just 8 hours of power packed fun and learning on the Lehigh River, located in the beautiful Pocono Mountains of Pennsylvania, you will live through a real life teambuilding experience that will drive home many lessons about Strategic Planning and Problem Solving.

The Facts:

Comprehensive Rope Rescue Program

The Comprehensive Program consists of time on the Lehigh River learning how to maneuver your raft on the river (with some introductory team building exercises on the river), followed by full compliment of high level Rope Rescue experiences in a well planned program that not only allows the participants to rescue our River guides but to learn about Team Effort, Strategic Planning and Creative Problem Solving.

Basic River Rafting Teambuilding Experience

The Basic River Rafting Teambuilding seminar is a superior way to concentrate training when time is limited. It consists of traditional river rafting with instructions and separate "off river" teambuilding seminars.

Location: The Lehigh River at Jim Thorpe, PA

Currently, due to the complex mechanical and planning requirements and safety precautions, the Whitewater Rope Rescue seminar is only being offered at the Lehigh River at Jim Thorpe, Pennsylvania. Other locations are being reviewed for further development.

Group Size:

  • Ideal group size is 20-25 participants. This allows for proper staffing for Rope Rescue Seminars.

  • Minimum of 15 participants for full river rescue, 8 for basic river rafting teambuilding.

  • Maximum is 30 participants per group, however up to 2 groups per day may participate by using alternative starting sites.

Comprehensive Rope Rescue Program runs 8 hours with an 8:00 or 9:00 AM start time. This is a full day of activity and is very concentrated due to the complex movement of people and materials.

Basic River Rafting Teambuilding Experience runs 4, 6, or 8 hours and may be customized. This program is also very concentrated but has more flexibility.