Parenting Workshops

ACT offers a Family Systems approach to Parenting workshops. Being an effective parent is very rewarding however it is also extremely challenging to stay on top of the game. By using a Family Systems Approach, ACT takes into consideration the many variables that affect parenting: academic skills, interpersonal skills, parenting problems, parent teacher relationships, and   

  1. Academic Skills: Homework tips, study skills, tutoring, personal involvement and assessing you as a parent can create strategies to help children in the learning process

  2. Interpersonal skills: Improving self esteem, developing anger management skills for students and parents, building better behavior patterns

  3. Tactics to improve parenting skills
    Helping parents and children work on issues such as self esteem, making good decisions, problem solving, managing need for encouragement, are all a few of the issues that need to be addressed in helping parents improve their skills.

Following are additional topics that might be covered:
Listening and talking to your child, helping children cooperate, discipline that makes sense, family meetings.