Orienteering, and Obstacle Course


Hiking (walking) and biking are about the most common forms of exercise and perhaps the oldest forms of transportation in the world today. Our hiking and biking programs offer the fun, excitement, and physical exhilaration of being out in the woods with a group of co-workers and colleagues.

This seminar presents the challenge of meeting strategic goals in a mentally demanding atmosphere with the purpose of meeting objectives in a timely manner. This program has been designed to provide an ambitious challenge for corporate employees of all ages and physical conditions.


    Building on skills from the first session, participants will attempt to gain mastery over a much larger orienteering field that just so happens to be filled with occasional significant obstacles that are unavoidable. Some of these obstacles are man-made and some occur naturally in nature. Either way the use of and accuracy of compass readings becomes very significant over longer distances, and requires greater team effort.
    To plan ahead strategically in order to complete the check in at all 5 control points in the allotted time and on as many courses as required.

Time: 30 to 45 minutes plus debriefing

General Features

Lengths of Seminar: 2 hours to 4 hours 

Locations available:

  • Skirmish USA (700 acres) (Home Base) or anywhere in the US

  • Your facility

  • Any number of picnic/ entertainment facilities

Seasons offered:

  • Offered year round

  • Orienteering can be performed indoors or outdoors

Physical Conditioning Requirements:

  • Minimal - designed for a variety of physical conditions

  • Team positions available for sedentary and disabled lifestyles.

General Features of the overall program:

  • Six Courses available with 12 optional starting locations

  • Average Seminar size: 30 to 40 employees
    Most segments are performed in groups of 4 to 10 members

  • Min. Size: 8 - 10 for competition

  • Max. Size: No limit (if done if groups of 30 to 40)

  • Age Range: Middle School to 99 yrs.

  • Typical Team Make-up:

    • Group Leader for Hikers

    • Group Leader for Bikers

    • Map Reader

    • Compass Reader

    • Compass Checker

    • Spotter/ Coordinator

    • Map Constructor/ Record Keeper


Explore our wonderful surroundings while learning a new skill. Our orienteering course provides a great way to experience nature on various terrains while learning the skills necessary to navigate using only a map and compass.

Hiking and Outdoor Education

ACT has great locations to hike anywhere in the USA. If you want, take a hike along the beautiful waterfalls of Lehigh Gorge in Jim Thorpe, PA or go on a challenging and rewarding hike to the top of Mt. Tammany at the Delaware Water Gap in New Jersey. The breathtaking lookouts and sites along the way make these trips well worth it. Parts of the trail are strenuous, but our staff makes certain that the pace accommodates all participants.

Loose clothing and sturdy sneakers or hiking shoes are recommended.

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