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Operation Military Support

Operation Military Support is an important program that will put your group through a high energy, off the charts fun, team-building activity which leads to the final achievement – a fully assembled support care package for all of our cherished military members!

After being broken into sub-teams, all groups will play a series of hysterical, simple games to earn the money necessary to buy an assortment of materials to go into the Military Care and Support Package. From the start, these teams are required to plan strategically, move in sync and work together to gather food items, snacks, cosmetics, health aids, clothing, and an assortment of other helpful items that will comprise these care packages. Your teams will have to compete and collaborate to realize that only a shared effort will allow each team to achieve their goals and complete their tasks on time.

Everyone involved will be energized and uplifted by this event. The morale on your team will be energized to the max and will easily translate into valuable improvements in productivity and performance back in the work place. Having been unified in their effort to help their military heroes, your staff can also begin to learn new lessons about selflessly supporting each other. Of course, greater alignment will be just one of the many benefits you will take away.

Your team will be talking about his event and looking at the pictures for months to come!

Learning Outcomes and Objectives

  • Charitable giving
  • Team work and Healthy collaboration
  • Strategic planning and execution
  • Time and Resource Management
  • Recognition


  • Hands-on activity that promotes giving to acknowledge others
  • More energy and valuing each other in the workplace

Ideal Usage

  • Any large organization meeting or function
  • Product launches
  • Energizing sales meetings/retreats
  • Managerial and Leadership retreats

Group Size: 12 – 500
Time: 2 hours
Space: Any Large space indoors or ballroom


“On behalf of all of our soldiers who received packages from your organization, I would like to thank you for your kindness and thoughtfulness. It really made a difference for our troops who have been stationed in Iraq for several months. Your small packages were full of large amounts of caring. They are all deeply appreciated and have gone a long way to keep our morale high, being filled with great snacks, hair and body care products, health aids, and many items to make each of us feel more personally valuable It is hard to express how much it means to receive these gifts from your team who has never met us. Thanks from the bottom of our hearts.”

J.T. LTC – Platoon Leader