Innovation through Improv Workshops

ACT’s Innovation and Improvisation workshops will help you to:

  • Manage stress by showing team members how to use humor to alter the way they look at and respond to stimuli which normally causes stress
  • Find the compelling story in any content material, and present that story in a persuasive and clear manner
  • Loosen inhibitions, raise positive awareness, and build confidence and trust among team members
  • Improve communication and allow for more effective listening in daily situations
  • Connect without judgment each other and being overly critical
  • Create a fun environment
  • Think on their feet, and become more comfortable dealing with the inevitable unknowns in the business world
  • Understand the importance of physical presence and body language
  • Identify and gain confidence in personal communications style
  • Generate new ideas quickly and become more innovative
  • Flourish and contribute in team environments by thinking “outside of the box”

Improv Applications:

Learning Development

Strategic and analytical skills are important, but your success often hinges on your ability to connect with others, solve unexpected problems in the moment, and create better ways of working. Improvisational skills are vital in business, especially in the age of virtual teams and lightning fast change. Unlike many forms of corporate learning, improvisation is fun, completely interactive and relevant to all levels of management. Our learning & development programs have helped:

  • An engineering organization build new products faster
  • A Pharmaceutical company integrate after a merger
  • A consulting company improve client relationship skills
  • A major retailer evolve to a matrixed organization structure
  • Ad agencies become more effective in team presentations

Event Support

Do your people prefer conference cocktail sessions to general sessions? If so, we can help you get more out of your meetings. We do more than 300 conferences and meetings a year - so we know how to engage an audience.

Clients hire us to catalyze sales meetings or launch new products. We can energize your hardworking troops or help you thank loyal customers. And we're great at celebrating company milestones.

Let us bring your meeting content to life with:

  • Hilarious, clean, customized sketches
  • Interactive keynote addresses
  • Executive talk show panels
  • Fun, relevant indoor team building activities
  • Speech writing and presentation coaching
  • Professional emcees to add polish to your event

Marketing, Management and Multimedia Breakthroughs

The best marketing has a lot in common with the best comedy. It's honest, authentic and grounded in a recognized truth. It tells a compelling story and involves the audience - figuratively and literally, if possible.

Our work stresses honesty - only then can it make people laugh and inspire action. We apply what we know about connecting with our audiences to help our clients connect with better with theirs.

Hire us to:

  • Help you innovate new products & services
  • Help you generate new and unique ideas
  • Strengthen your teams and foster collaboration
  • Support your product launches
  • Develop marketing and message content
  • Develop broadcast and web advertising