Outdoor Challenges

Check out all of our unique Outdoor Challenges.  These teambuilding games consist of many different games.  ACT has paintball, whitewater, treasure hunts, inflatables, Team Cuisine, Sailboat, orienteering, ropes coures, nascar and more.  Look through all our games and see which ones will work best for you company.

In one of the most unique training modalities available, you will practice teambuilding like you have never done before. You will see and experience for yourself first-hand the power of learning by direct experience.

In just 8 hours of power packed fun and learning on the Lehigh River, located in the beautiful Pocono Mountains of Pennsylvania, you will live through a real life teambuilding experience that will drive home many lessons about Strategic Planning and Problem Solving.

A ropes course integrates adventure, teamwork, and self coaching into one high energy activity. Ropes courses, some of which are built high in the air (High Ropers) while others are on the ground (Low Ropers), contain a series of obstacles and challenges. All obstacles require participants to work together to achieve their goals. Most elements are physically engaging, but require no special skills or conditioning.

Action Centered Training uses a wide variety of inflatable teambuilding props to assist in its Interactive Teambuilding. Whether used as an introduction only, an energizer/warm up, to create competition or as an adjunct to other teambuilding efforts, these safe, exciting, and fun giant inflatable props always add to and improve the learning process.

ACT has partnered with "StockCar Racing Experience" to bring your team some of the most adrenaline pumping corporate training available. ACT has taken the best that NASCAR has to offer: a 2.5 mile Super Speedway (Pocono Raceway) , NEXTEL Cup Style Stock Cars, a friendly, professional crew and put them all together to give you the experience of a lifetime. This unique training program combines the thrilling opportunity to get behind the wheel of a Stock Car racing vehicle on an enormous 2.5 mile Tri-Oval super speedway with clear learning about team work, communication, leadership, and process improvement.

Only by working in small teams will it be possible to master this smaller area of wooded fields and make contact with all the required control points. Using a map and compass, teams will practice basic orienteering in our introductory orienteering area. With a set time limit, the competition heats up as both teams gain expertise, speed and ability.

Building on skills from the first session, participants will attempt to gain mastery over a much larger orienteering field that just so happens to be filled with occasional significant obstacles that are unavoidable. Some of these obstacles are man-made and some occur naturally in nature. Either way the use of and accuracy of compass readings becomes very significant over longer distances, and requires greater team effort.

You're getting only the best experience possible when you let ACT and its Regatta Racing expert affiliates manage your next corporate event! Our ACT affiliates Regatta Racing team is highly trained and motivated and will use their skills as current racing champions to make your event extraordinary. Let ACT help your corporate team to achieve new higher levels of potential and more effective methods of working together. We can help to build and strengthen relationships with important clients, and give incentives to valuable staff.

In order to orchestrate the gathering of necessary information from "out in the field" by those that have never been out in the field, it is necessary for the middle managers (bicyclists and the hikers) to use all the new skills that the teams have gained thus far. The middle managers can only succeed by coordinating their work with the strategic headquarters/executive offices.

A brand new 007 corporate style team building and security training program is finally available in the United States and Canada. In a new partnership between Action Centered Training Inc. and Task Services of London/UK, ACT is bringing the first ever Covert Mission Surveillance Team Building which allows team members to participate in a unique true Bond-like experience.

Recipe for Success is an innovative organization specializing in team building and corporate training, utilizing the Culinary Arts.We help the world's leading companies improve communication, performance, increase sales and build brands by creating events, environments and interactive experiences with the power to engage, educate, entertain and even transform.

Action Centered Training is now offering an exciting new activity, the Treasure Hunt for teambuilding conferences that fosters group effectiveness in a unique way. Based on the Scandinavian and new Olympic sport of Orienteering where individuals use a detailed map to find flags on the forest, the Treasure Hunt uses a custom-made map of the Conference Center, Corporate Headquarters, Private Resort, School or University (either indoors and outdoors) that leads teams to trivia questions, riddles and group adventures.

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