What would you prefer - Social Mastery Game


Contents: One set of 10 Standard Answers Questionnaire, 1 Individual Answer Sheet, 2 Group Answer Sheets, 1 Create your own Assessment Form, Complete Instruction Guide, and Train the Trainer Guide with Debriefing Suggestions

Description: The “What would you prefer? Social Mastery Assessment Game” is a very powerful game that helps participants understand the subtle and complex nature of interpersonal relationships and group dynamics. To put it simply, this games helps participants take a serious look at how much they really do or do not know about other members of their teams. First teams assess their own baseline answers to key relevant highly ethical questions that have no clear simple answer. Then participants rate each other on their current knowledge of their colleagues by using ACT’s proprietary Social Mastery Assessment. The results are often quite shocking as participants realize how that they didn’t know their co-workers as well as they thought!

Learning outcomes: Self Awareness, Social Awareness, Ability to understand the climate of an entire team (and even organization) by examining one person at a time, Learning to Observe Colleagues real and ideal persona’s while remaining objective, Learning how to focus on other’s strengths
When this game is played properly, the following learning outcomes will be a natural result: Improved Teamwork, Greater Coordination, Definitive Leadership skills, Strategic Planning, as well as Overall ability to Manage Change more effectively under pressure, and process improvement.

Number of Players: Minimum of 4 to 6 and Maximum of 24 to 40 in several small groups.
Length:  45-60 minutes + Debrief

Price: $49.00