The Two Way Communication Custom Drawing Game - Downloadable

Contents: 23 Original Custom Graphics and complete Instructions with Train the Trainer Guidelines.

Description: In this game, participants will have the chance to practice both One Way and Two Way communication as they try to replicate specific custom created graphics. Custom designed graphics prepared by a team of psychologists range from beginner to intermediate and all the way up to challenge level. This game tackles all the issues of verbal and non-verbal communication and ties it in nicely with the limitations of one way discussions and the power of two way communications. A basic primer for every organization.

Learning outcomes: Listening skills, hearing and interpreting, coding, decoding and interpretation, use of verbal and non-verbal signals and cues, awareness of communication style.

How to download: After purchasing this product log in to the website with your username and password and then choose the tab that says "Files."  This will list out all the files that you can download.

# of Players: 4 to 40 players
Location: Indoors
Length: 20 to 40 minutes
Type: Downloadable PDF


Price: $29.95