I've got your number Game


Contents: One set of 240 numbers and one set of 104 letters, Stop Watch, Whistle, Complete Instruction Guide, Set-up Guide, and Train the Trainer Guide

Description: I’ve Got your Number Auditorium Version is a competitive, hysterically funny Number passing game. The very simple task is to rearrange certain patterns of numbers and letters that are spread all over the room chaotically with increasingly complex restrictions. This looks simple on the surface but one your team starts to try and implement this "easy" task, they soon learn that flawless execution requires much planning and strategy and is much more difficult that it appears.  This game is designed to used for large groups in an open setting or in the rigid seating arrangement of an auditorium. The goal is to improve performance dramatically in the follow up rounds.

Learning outcomes: When this game is played properly, the following learning outcomes will be a natural result: Improved Teamwork, Greater Coordination, Definitive Leadership skills, Strategic Planning, Practice at Execution, Managing Change effectively under pressure, and Process improvement.

Number of Players: Minimum of 15 to 25 and Maximum of 240 players at one time; the more players the greater the fun and the learning outcomes
Length: 45-60 minutes + Debrief

Contact us for our special edition designed just for groups on who have long coach bus trips.

Price: $59.00