Give'em the AX Learn Management Simulation - Downloadable

Contents: Comes with complete instructions for 2 to 3 rounds, 8 job descriptions, 1 Internal Auditing Accounting Sheet, 1 Team Tally Score Sheet, and Name tags for all participants as well as extensive Train the Trainer Guidelines. (You provide your own materials including staplers, paper, paper clips, rulers, markers, and tape).

Description: This Lean management and manufacturing simulation gives a powerful learning tool to understand Lean Principles, Six Sigma, and the Theory of Constraints. Starting out with chaotic conditions, the skilled participant will, through team effort, gain control over a variety of variables and identify the major constraintst that prevent the management and manufacturing processes from "flowing." 
The goal of the game is simply to produce as many quality sets of A’s and X’s that meet the proper specifications set by the executive team within the time limit. But just as in any real manufacturing setting, there are limits based on people, materials and the coordination of both. “Give ‘em the AX” is a powerful simulation that brings out many of the issues that already exist in the workplace.

Learning outcomes: Lean Principles, Theory of Constraints, Teamwork, Coordination of efforts between teams, organizational communication, following instructions, strategic planning and leadership.
How to download: After purchasing this product log in to the website with your username and password and then choose the tab that says "Files."  This will list out all the files that you can download.

# of Players: 8 to 40 players
Location: Indoor
Length: 60 to 90 minutes
Type: Downloadable PDF
Price: $49.95