DIY: Build-A-Treasure-Hunt Kit – Drive Around Town



You receive 10 fun, tricky clues leading to common locations that could be found in any city.  For example, a solved clue might direct you to “a coffee shop”, “a bowling alley”, “a gas station”, etc.  It’s up to your team to locate a site that meets the requirement.  At each location, you’ll then take a specific photograph to finish the clue and receive credit.  Creativity is highly rewarded!


  • Small groups work together to solve tricky puzzles and codes in an informal setting
  • 10 pre-made, full-color puzzles that will get you driving all around town!
  • ~120-180 minutes
  • Coordinator’s Guide, Answers, and Rule Sheets
  • Paperless: you receive the whole kit instantly, by email


  • Getting to know your teammates on a more personal level
  • Discovery of your teammates hidden skills and talents
  • Creativity and innovation
  • Exploration of the hidden treasures in your desired location
  • Fun, informal networking
Price: $117.00
SKU: THK-103